Monday, 5 November 2018

October 2018 - Autumn Games with Pumpkin II

Following the path of the last volunteer at the library, Angeline, I asked the library girls whether it was possible to organize a new edition of “Autumn Games with Pumpkin,” a Polish version of the international Halloween party. Of course, they gladly accepted and we got the job started.

We spent a whole week making decorations. Dozens of bats were flying all over the walls of the first floor of the library, spiders where everywhere and the windows were covered with shadows of hunted houses, black cats and ugly witches. But surely we could not forget the fact that we are in Poland and Halloween is not so popular, so we also made many designs related to autumn, specially leaves. Moreover we gave special protagonist to the central figure of the evening, pumpkins!

The party took place during the afternoon of the 31st of October. Children came with costumes and we also painted their faces for the occasion. Of course, the library team and Marine  (volunteer at the Culture Center who came to help) got our faces painted as well. 

While they waited in turns to get their makeup we started the first game. The children had to shoot balls to the mouths of three cardboard boxes with a hole in the middle of each. They were decorated to look like pumpkins and the holes would be their dark mouths.

After all of the children were properly pained and had finished some rounds of the game, we decided to start the crafts. They had to make a bat and a ghost out of paper rolls, so it was a really fun way of recycling! All of the creations turned up pretty well and the kids could take them home to play or decorate their houses.

The next competition was traditional bowling, but the bowls were dressed up as Frankenstein, a witch, ghosts and pumpkins. Even though this is a common game, the children were super excited and enjoyed it so much that we run out of time to go on with the other games we had prepared.

Finally, the participants went home with some sweets and a pumpkin-balloon, as well as with the bat and ghost they had made. I think it was a very cool afternoon and that we all had much fun! Actually, a week later the library invited a class from the primary school to repeat the party, and it was another success. 

So I hope that the following EVS volunteers here take over this “Autumn Games with Pumpkin” thing and it becomes a new amusing tradition in Pomiechówek :D