Sunday, 17 September 2017

September 2017 - National Reading Day

September 2017

Cześć !

As time flies and I'm almost at the end of my volunteering, I'm going to share with you some articles about the main activities I did during my EVS in Poland to give you an idea of how I spent my time at work during all these months.

To begin with, it's important to notice that I'm working in a library, which means I have the opportunity to participate to many different activities linked with libraries' international events. The National Reading Day is one of them as promoting the benefits of reading is one of the major role of a library.

For this specific day, we decided to gather English language and reading promotion so we went to the Kindergarten of Pomiechówek to read a book in English. As I wanted something easy for children to understand, I chose one of the most famous stories I found: "The Three Little Pigs" ! I visited four classes and, each time, the children were really kind and interested. What is so good with children is their spontaneous way of expressing themselves: curiosity, fear, joy, they fully live the story you tell them !

Finally, the children made me feel more and more confident when reading and at the end one of them insisted to tell me something in Polish - my colleague translated: she wanted to learn more English because I made her like it very much ! Sooo cute, isn't it ? Further more, in another class, a little girl spontaneous started to hug me to thank me and all the class followed her: keep it secret but that's exactly how to make my heart melt in a few seconds ! How to resist to such "cutitude" [cute attitude] ??! I wasn't prepared at all !

It was my first meeting with young children, my first task as a freshly arrived volunteer in Poland but I received a very warm and unforgettable welcome from the teachers and these little angels ! This first success with them really helped me for the rest of my EVS, giving me strength, courage and melting my heart over and over again when remembering it !

An interesting fact about Polish people: they love collecting diplomas from every single events they attend to from childhood so here is my first Polish diploma given by these teachers to thank me for meeting their classes !

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See you soon for new adventures !