Tuesday, 9 October 2018

September 2018 -A new volunteer


I am Sabela, the new EVS volunteer at the library of Pomiechówek!

I come from A Coruña, a town in the northwestern corner of Spain, and I am 22 years old. I arrived to Poland at the beginning of September and I will stick around until the end of July 2019. That’s plenty of time to get to know this amazing country and its culture -and I will try with the language as well!

But first… how did this adventure start for me?

After four years of university, I finally graduated at English Language and Literature this past June. So the question was what to do next. I had spent all those years avoiding to think about the future, I was just not prepared to start a professional life and there was not any master that called my attention. I needed something different and, for sure, I needed to keep improving my English!

I had spent my third year of University as an Erasmus student in Ireland, so I guess that this awesome experience encouraged my hunger for discovering new places, cultures and people and also my passion for traveling. This is why when I learnt about the existence of the EVS (European Voluntary Service) I thought that it was perfect for me, for it gave me the possibility of doing all of those things while also working in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a place for creativity and new things. I just could not miss this opportunity and I decided to take a gap year afterwards.

Once I concluded my final project and had again free time I started to search for options and to plan my new life. However, I was much more complicated than what I thought! It is true that there are hundreds of different projects you can choose, but on the other hand, there are only a few available positions within each one for people all around Europe. Therefore, it’s pretty hard that the project you like also wants you.

Actually, it is quite a frustrating process. In my case, I applied for twenty projects, most of them linked to cultural activities, but only three contacted back. So it was a long wait during this Summer, I even started to think that it would be impossible for me to go abroad.
Finally, I got the confirmation that I had been accepted at the library! I have already spent a month here and things could not be better, so I can say that, although I got here almost by chance, it is so far the best chance of my life!

So, when people ask me ‘why Poland?’ I have to admit that it’s not like I chose Poland, it was more of a match!

I will be posting on the library blog about the activities and events we organize and about my new adventures in Poland, so I hope you come back soon!


Monday, 16 July 2018

August 2017 - EVS decision or how everything started...

July 16, 2018

Cześć !

My name is Angeline, I am 21 and I come from France.

I started my EVS (aka European Voluntary Service) in the library of Pomiechówek, Poland, in September 2017 and this amazing experience will end in August 2018.

12 months in Poland... 12 months of discoveries, meetings, personal challenges and travels... 12 months with everything to learn, a culture shock and a language barrier to overcome and a new environment to adapt... But also 12 months sharing time with amazingly nice people in a place I will miss as soon as I will leave. 12 months, that's a lot to share with you, dear reader !

Let's go step by step and start with the beginning...

After two years of French preparatory class focused on Humanities and a third year at the university to study English Literature and Civilization, I finally got graduated in English in 2017. Then I should have naturally kept on studying to obtain a Master and start my professional life... However, I dreamt a lot about seeing something else, discovering the world and improving my English while trying to find the professional path that fits the best with who I was. I needed a true challenge to grow up and finally find my own way through this jungle.

During my third year at the university, I decided to plan a gap year and I applied to be a French Assistant in Ireland the following year but unfortunately I wasn't chosen as there were so many applications for just a few schools and I didn't have any previous teaching experience... However, stubborn as I was, I decided to check what I could find on the Internet, my aim of living abroad couldn't just stop after one failure ! So I applied for different projects everywhere around the world - all of them linked in a way with cultural aspects - in very different countries such as Laos, China, England, Emirates, Mauritania and... Poland.

Yes, here is my confession: Poland wasn't my first choice or even the only country I applied for... but no doubt it was the best decision ever ! Magic of unknown places ! ;)

So here I am, taking part in an EVS in the opposite part of Europe and sharing my unforgettable experience on this blog !

If you want to know more about my adventures in Poland, dear reader, be patient, other articles are coming...
Stay around !


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